Jul 18, '08

News from Tetou


Tetou is one of the principal reasons why I love to go to the South of France. And it is not because this simple place on a beach is frequented by celebrities. When you try the renown Tetou bouillabaisse for the first time you immediately understand that the celebrity in this story is not a Hollywood actress or an actor, but the wonderful bouillabaisse soup, savorious fish and rouille of course. 


This time I’ve been two nights in a row in Tetou – the first evening we took the bouillabaisse with a supplement of lobster, the second – grilled sea bass. Like bouillabaisse, grilled sea bass is something special – the fish is juicy but firm at the same time. By the way, somebody from the waiters told me that there are people coming with their private jet for two days from Venezuela just for this grilled sea bass. Now, this is what is called the passion for food!

grilled sea bass
Grilled sea bass
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