Sep 20, '11

One more time about Tetou

rouille sauce
Rouille sauce

If I had to choose only one restaurant on the French Riviera,  it would probably be Tetou (Avenue des Frères Roustan, Golfe-Juan, 06220; tel. 04 93 63 71 16 ). I know I am repeating myself, but the bouillabaisse (so as the rouille sauce that goes with it, pictured above) and the seafood there is just wonderful.

The maître d'hôtel Bruno Combriat
The maître d’hôtel Bruno Combriat

This time, the closing of the summer holidays was celebrated with a generous portion of bouillabaisse soup, grilled lobster with cognac, butter and lemon sauce and some rosé wine from “Château Miraval” (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt vineyard). “Pink Floyd” was delicately fruity, slightly sweet and perfect for the late summer evening.

bouillabaisse soup
Bouillabaisse soup
bouillabaisse soup
Bouillabaisse soup
grilled lobster with cognac
Grilled lobster with cognac
butter and lemon sauce
Butter and lemon sauce
rosé wine from "Château Miraval"
Rosé wine from “Château Miraval”
rosé wine from "Château Miraval"
rosé wine from “Château Miraval”
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