Nov 13, '23

Pizza tasting at Pepe in Grani 

Pizza tasting at Pepe in Grani by Franco Pepe, one the greatest pizzaiolos in the world.

Imagine diving into a pizza-tasting extravaganza at Pepe in Grani, guided by none other than the pizza virtuoso himself, Franco Pepe. This isn’t your average dining experience – it’s a journey through flavors curated by a true maestro. Franco, celebrated globally as one of the pizza greats, goes beyond just making pizza; he’s a champion for local farmers and artisans.

Franco’s culinary wizardry isn’t just about taste; it’s a commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients from nearby farms, creating not just a meal but a sustainable community connection.

Now, let’s talk about Franco’s pizza masterpiece. Picture this: a dough crafted by hand, a secret mix of flours, and a texture that defies pizza norms. It’s like biting into a cloud – light, airy, and a game-changer in the pizza world.

Dining at Pepe in Grani isn’t a casual affair; it’s a deep dive into a world where pizza becomes a fine dining experience. Franco Pepe has seamlessly blended the familiar with the sophisticated, proving that pizza, under his skillful touch, is a culinary marvel worthy of applause.

Margherita Sbagliata: Campana DOP Buffalo mozzarella cheese,purée of “riccio” tomatoes, basil reduction, Evo oil.
Sensazione di Costiera (fried pizza): Dehydrated garlic, Ramato tomatoes, chili pepper,Cetara anchovies, parsley, lemon zest.
Ciro: Cone with 12-month Grand Padano DOP fondue, rocket pesto, dehydrated Caiazzo black olives.
Scarpetta: Campana DOP Buffalo mozzarella, 12- month Grana Padano DOP, Caiazzo black olives, Evo oil fondue, uncooked tomato compote, freeze-dried pesto basil.

Calzone con scarola riccia: folded pizza with frisée, Cetara with anchovie fillets, capers, Caiazzo black olives, Evo oil.
Straccetti miele e rosmarino: Fried pizza strips with sugar, cinnamon, honey, vanilla- flavoured buffalo ricotta cheese, rosemary, and orange zest.
Alletterata: Alife onion cream, Campana DOP buffalo mozzarella, tuna, celery, olive oil.

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