Aug 24, '09

Power eating at Köşebaşi

shashlik kebab
Shashlik kebab

Can a shashlik kebab be so delicious that your understanding of good shashlik changes forever? So good that you keep thinking of this amazing dish that is melting in your mouth days after your lunch in Köşebaşi Levent and can’t wait to return there and experience that unique feeling?

I prefer beef to lamb, so I didn’t taste the rest of kebabs, but I can say that the beef shashlik in the oldest Köşebaşi branch (located in a villa in the elegant Levent area) is the best shashlik I have ever eaten in my life.


The meat was perfectly marinated, sliced in thin pieces and served with grilled green peppers, tomatoes and fresh parsley. The last but not least key to happiness is the extra portion of marinated onions.


By the way, it is worth to mention that Turkish are very strong on desserts. Even after eating generous mezes ( aubergine caviar, signature herbs salad, tomatoes salad) and shashlik kebab you can’t stop yourself but finish till the end the plate of creamy ice cream covered with caramelized pumpkin.

tomatoes salad

On the way back to your hotel you already start planning when is the next time you can go back to Köşebaşi.

ice cream covered with caramelized pumpkin
Ice cream covered with caramelized pumpkin
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