Robuchon still rocking


I know, I know I am a little biased – I speak a lot about Joel Robuchon. I do agree that the venture has become “ a luxurious chain”, but to be honest until now the concept is working perfectly well. One of the reasons of the restaurants’ success is exactly why McDonalds is worldwide successful. No matter to which McDonalds you might go, you will always know what quality of food you can expect.

So at Robuchons restaurants, no matter where you dine, you can always expect similar quality of products, interesting recipes,their perfect execution and convivial ambiance. I would particularly emphasize the execution as most of the kitchens are “open” and you can see the nearly military discipline among the chefs and their assistants. ( I am always wondering how great is to go through Robuchon’s school for the young chefs’ careers) 


You don’t go to Robuchon for “mad” gastronomy,but at the same time the recipes are changing quite often. Of course, there are some classics, like gazpacho soup or entrecôte with THE potato purée, but year after year Robuchon’s team introduces new recipes that reflect the country or region.

I loved the provencal touches in the dishes at Robuchon Monaco. Fresh and sunny.

Sea bream carpaccio with preserved tomatoes…


.."petits farcis"…


…or raw sardines…


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