Jun 21, '10

St John Smithfield, London


Peas in the pod

St John (26 St John street,EC1M 4AY,London; tel. 020 7251 08048 ) got famous for it’s “nose to tail eating” , returning to old British cuisine where all the parts of an animal are consumed. It has great reviews and was even awarded one Michelin star- my lunch there was very anticipated.


Unfortunately i found the dishes i ordered at St John very average. Soup with smoked haddock and bacon was nice but too heavy for summer. Turbot with mashed green peas was very bland and my friend’s Guinea fowl  was so dry that she didn’t even finish it. Honey mousse with strawberries was too sweet and too straightforward.


Although i found the concept of the restaurant interesting (spacious, industrial white dining room, open kitchen, bakery just outside), the bottom line,however, was that the food i had was simply not good.Maybe i was not lucky, but i am not ready to come back to St John any time soon neither.

Globe artichoke vinaigrette


Smoked haddock and bacon broth


Guinea fowl and radishes


Turbot and pea puree


Honey mousse and strawberries


The menu of that day

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