The best street food in the world indeed

Singapore view from Marina Bay Sands Hotel... © Luxeat
Singapore view from Marina Bay Sands Hotel… © Luxeat

When my friend, who travels often to Singapore, mentioned that it has the best street food in the world, I didn’t realize to which extent it was true. So the first thing I did after arriving to Singapore was to go to Maxwell road hawker center,one of many  food centers in the city, where you can eat fresh, inexpensive and delicious food cooked in front of you in a matter of minutes. As I was walking among the food kiosks and busy plastic tables, I came across a group of people eating the famous Hainanese chicken rice.

The dish looked very nice and I asked if I could take a picture. One of the guys answered me that I could and asked me if I were “Luxeat”, something I couldn’t believe my ears, of course!

More pictures from Maxwell and Newton hawker centers…

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