Nov 2, '11

Sushi Azabu, NY

avocado with uni
Avocado with uni

If there is one sushi den in Manhattan that could be easily compared to top sushi restaurants in Tokyo, it would be Sushi Azabu. The location of the restaurant couldn’t be more unassuming and is typically Japanese. It is hidden in a basement of Greenwich Grill ( probably owned by the same owners).

As the website states, 70-80% of the fish is imported from Japan four times a week. You can really feel that in the quality of the seafood, such as avocado with uni, simple but genius at the same time. And if you go there, pay attention to the rice, which has perfect texture, temperature and vinegar balance. For me, Sushi Azabu is the best in NY, not cheap, but really worth it. (For cheaper and more casual sushiya, I would still choose Ushiwakamaru…)

Sushi Azabu

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