The Roman feast continues


Thanks Jupiter, to the Roman friends! Like this we didn’t have to go to a place full of tourists and mediocre food. Instead, we had a lovely lunch in the Rome’s jewish quarter. A very lively trattoria called Giggetto al Portico D’Ottavia. Now, i must confess, i love trattoria Italian food so much that i want to order everything on the menu. Everything. Again, as everybody ordered something different  i had  a chance to try many local specialities.

Such as " carciofo alla giuda" (Jewish style artichokes).The
best artichokes i have ever ate. The artichokes are fried in oil and
served still warm. The artichokes leaves were so tender and crispy that you could eat
them also.


Or fried porcini mushrooms."Delicatess" of the season…


"Spaghetti alla carbonara" (with eggs) – the great speciality of Roman region.


Another Roman speciality – "spaghetti cacio e pepe" . With peppers and pecorino cheese. As always, more the dish is simple, better it is!


"Osso bucco with green peas and mushrooms" . The meat is so tender, almost falling apart…

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