Nov 16, '06

The nonsense of Del Posto

Del Posto

Del Posto , the new celebrity chef’s Mario Batali venture that was rewarded with two Michelin stars as soon as it opened its doors, is simply.. absurd.

The sloppy, badly trained service (one guy didn’t even understand what we were saying… his English was so bad…), the “factory” ambience and, most importantly, the plain, boring and overpriced food is not even worth one Michelin star.

Its a fiasco and the chefs in France should boycott the Guide Rouge for the fact, that it gives away stars in New York so unresponsibly.

Also, even if Mario Batali is known for cooking  very local and very
authentic Italian dishes, a translation on the back of the menu of
incomprehensible names in Italian would be really appreciated…
(Almost every dish name included words that are rarely used in Italian
restaurants, like “Cauliflower SFORMATO”, “CACCIUCCO with Baccala
Mantecato”  or “TURKEY alla Cacciatora with Cibreo”)

Or.. maybe they should leave the names how they are…as the incomprehensible names make the food more.. impressive… Like, for example, “Insalata Bottarga” which appeared to be a simple plain green salad with few slices of goat cheese on the side…

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