Sep 12, '06

The romance of Blue Hill

Even if there are so many highly rated restaurants in New York, there is not a lot that is really worth a return (in fact, the same as everywhere in the world 🙂 ) Very often there is a disappointment before even starting your first dish. Like this Northern Italian in Tribeca (Il Giglio, 81 Warren street), which has an incredibly high rating in Zagat guide, but even in your neighbourhood pizzeria, you can eat better (and cheaper of course ).

Blue Hill

Blue Hill though is worth many returns, and “delicious” would be an understatement. Located in a sleek townhouse just steps from Washington Square, Blue Hill serves New American cuisine.

The products come straight from the owners’ farm and it’s surroundings, so no surprise the ingredients are super fresh and there are plenty of vegetables on the plate.

I have to confess that it was the first time ever I saw such remarkably the orange colour of the wild king salmon filet served on a bed of  “al dente” vegetables which were as delicious as it was beautiful.

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