Tokyo best sushi,kaitenzushi and “standing style” sushi restaurants

Kuruma ebi at Sugita,Tokyo
Kuruma ebi at Sugita,Tokyo

As Tabelog has greatly improved its English version,you can easily see the whole Tokyo’s best sushi list directly on the website. I have listed the top 15 as for today nonetheless, and, while Saito and Sugita have still kept their top positions, it’s Sukiyabashi Jiro that has ascended most, now listed as number 3 in Tokyo. Having been to Sukiyabashi Jiro, I am still convinced that its popularity is mainly due to the “Jiro dreams of sushi” documentary.

Tabelog is also now listing Tokyo’s top kaitenzushi and “standing style” sushi restaurants,which have a much lower price point than fine sushi shops below. P.S. Do follow me on Instagram, which I update more frequently than this blog.

  1. Sushi Saito
  2. Sugita
  3. Sukiyabashi Jiro
  4. Mitani
  5. Higashi Azabu Amamoto
  6. Hashiguchi
  7. Sawada
  8. Hatsunesushi
  9. Sushisho
  10. Sushi Tokami
  11. Kimura
  12. Sushi Ichikawa
  13. Harutaka
  14. Kiyota
  15. Miyaba
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