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Author of Trine Lai
Author of Trine Lai

Nobody knows Copenhagen restaurants as well as my dear friend and blogger extraordinaire Trine Lai. She was one of the first bloggers in the world to report on Noma, where she’s been for 26 times. Her excellent and comprehensive Copenhagen restaurants recommendations list can be found here.

Restaurants you could eat every day?
BROR for their unpretentious, delicious and creative dishes, Manfreds & Vin is simple but delicious food with such variety that I could easily eat there on a daily basis, Chai Wong is lovely Asian/Thai and my favourite dish is pork with holy basil (spicy), Bar’Vin for bistro food with a Danish touch, finally Søllerød Kro it is one of the restaurants in Copenhagen that I have been to most times 😉

© Scanrail -
© Scanrail –

Restaurant worth a special trip?

Noma is of course worth a special trip and I have a feeling that Matt Orlando’s new place Amass will be that too. (Opened on 17 July, and I haven’t been yet;)

What do you cook at home?

On weekdays I cook simple food of high quality and that is easy to cook like a nice grilled ribeye steak from the butcher Slagteren Ved Kultorvet served with new Danish potatoes (very thin skin) and blanched new peas, or a pasta dish with homemade basil pesto.

Favorite drink?
I’m not a big fan of cocktails but I LOVE gin&tonic and Campari soda.

Favorite summer destination?
Not very original but the Côte d’Azur in France and the Ligurian cost in Italy are such beautiful places and the climate there is perfect for summer. But summer in Denmark when the weather is fine, is just as nice because of the bright evenings and vicinity of the sea.

Favorite winter destination?
Good question! I don’t have a favorite as such but Rome and Barcelona are always nice 😉

You are addicted to…
Relaxing at my weekend cottage by the fjord outside Copenhagen, Burgundy wines and… licorice!

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