Nov 30, '22

What is a perfect croissant?

According to Jean-Michel Carton, the owner of Artisan Boulanger-Pâtissier Carton Paris ( 6 Boulevard De Denain, 75010) and the winner of this year’s “best croissant in Paris”, a perfect croissant has to have…


A perfectly browned shell, with the central leaf “la couleurette” slightly darker than the rest, each “feuilletage” pastry layer striped darker or lighter: showing the butter or pastry levels, right to the corners.
And when cut or pulled open, the very central chamber is hollow with the light pastry all around… and an exquisitely buttery aroma, not overwhelming, but fully present.


And it’s not a simple task! The competitors were judged according to…

  • – Perfectly baked, homogene with the right colouring.
  • – The feuilletage, giving an ideal shape, with the different layers made apparent.
  • – The interior form, with the expansive rising from the centre leaving a space inside.
  • – And finally…the taste… an ideal expression of light butter.

Thanks, Jean-Michel for showing us around your boulangerie! (Located just next to Gare du Nord if you are travelling from there.)

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