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Yukari’s ramen

Nobody knows Tokyo’s best foodies’ addresses better than Yukari Sakamoto,a Japanese- American chef and book author living in Tokyo with her husband and their small son. We met with Yukari at her Tsukiji market tour and became friends ever since. I asked Yukari to share her favourite ramen addresses in Tokyo – can’t wait to try them next time I am there!

Yukari Sakamoto at Tsukiji, photo taken by me


The yuzu shio ramen is the signature dish at this brightly lit shop in the fashion district of Harajuku. Thin noodles are topped with char shu that is seared just before serving.

Shibuya-ku, Sendagaya 3-63-1


This basement dive has my favorite hiyashi chukka goma daré, or cold ramen with a sesame dressing, in the city. The noodles are served in a large, wide bowl and topped with tomatoes, bamboo shoots, cucumbers, pork, and more. It is the creamy and nutty sesame dressing that makes this dish irresistible.

Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi 3-3-5, B1


This dish has been on my “Go To” list for years as it is often voted as the best bowl of ramen in Tokyo. Only problem is that the original shop is in a suburb that is far out of the city. But, a new shop recently opened in Akasaka. The chicken soup is exceptional and he uses Iberico pork for the topping.

Minato-ku, Akasaka 3-7-11


I prefer lighter-style ramen, but when craving a rich, pork bones tonkotsu ramen I head straight to Jangara Ramen with shops around the city. The creamy broth is accented with mentaiko (spicy cod roe) and the noodles are thin and straight.

Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 1-13-21


The shio (salt) ramen at Ivan Ramen is a perfectly balanced bowl. The noodles are made from scratch, the soup so good you want to drink it until it’s gone, and simple toppings but well executed. Be sure to get the pork and tomato rice.

Setagaya-ku, Minami Karasuyama 3-24-7

Afuri ramen © Yukari Sakamoto
Afuri ramen © Yukari Sakamoto

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