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Following the warm, lazy and endless days of summer, Luxeat welcomes the cool and crisp autumn season by celebrating everything about harvest.  

We take a trip to where all the best meals begin, with a visit to the man who supplies vegetables to the Michelin-starred: Bruno Cayron and his unique garden. We then enter the mossy green woods of Alba to unearth the world’s richest truffle hunting ground and the families and traditions that safekeep its mystery and allure. In a leap across the Mediterranean we head to the middle east area, where we discover the elusive art of picking saffron flowers. Back in Italy’s Piedmont area we talk with local female winemakers about their art which was once predominantly masculine. And in a grand finale, we personally invite you on our next sensory journey… a truffle hunt in the heart of Piedmont fueled by the best wine and tables in the region.


Alba Truffle Celebration

NOV 23 – 26

An immersive journey into the secrets of Italy’s most sought-after gastronomic experiences: The Alba Truffle. Wine, dine, smell, taste and hunt.

Join me in a unique three-day adventure to get up close and personal with one of the world’s most exclusive foods. From truffle-match discovery at legendary local wineries to joining in a traditional truffle hunt and lunch, in the warm company of one of the region’s most highly recognized truffle families.

Indulge in some of the ultimate ways to taste white truffles, Piedmont style, with home-made pasta from golden Tajarin to Raviolini di fonduta or del Plin in elegant warm-hearted local trattorias…

Hunters of “White gold”

A small, uneven fungus that packs such an aromatic punch and is considered globally as a prized, luxury ingredient. Ever wondered how truffles grow and where you can find them? Luxeat recently spent some time exploring the north west of Italy and sat down with Ezio Costa, wife Clelia and son Filippo, a truffle-hunting family with a legacy of four generations behind them, harvesting this rare and unique product.

Wine women from Piedmont in ten questions

Luxeat talks with Silvia from Elio Altare and Chiara Boschis from Pira & Figli about their favourite wines, influences and how they see the future.

Silvia has been fully involved in Elio Altare, her family’s winery since early 2000. She is present at every step from looking after the vineyards from pruning to harvest, to working in the cellar from winemaking to sales, logistics, office work and marketing, she is the pillar of the winery allowing her father to focus on other projects. Chiara Boschis on the other hand is linked to the Pira family by deep friendship and mutual esteem. Following her studies, she became one of the first women producers in Barolo at the end of the 1980s. She has brought renewal to the Pira winery and its production style.

Bruno Cayron and his Vegetable Kingdom

Bruno Cayron has vegetables in his veins.  As a young graphic designer in Paris, it was his ecological convictions that saw him return to his birthplace to create one of the most diverse market gardens in France, completely organic and in harmony with the clay-soil and climate of the region best-known for wine production.  

His passion for nature, fruits and vegetables, led him to settle in Tourves in the Var, his birth department, to take on a challenge of cultivating the atypical terroir, a hard, stony ground, not usually though suitable for market gardening. Yet over time this unique terrier and approach became a strength, even his signature.

Saffron harvesting

There is one ingredient that stands out more than any other in our search for the top ingredients in the world. Saffron. The most majestic of all spices has a four thousand-year history that spans numerous cultures, countries, and civilizations and is valuable as gold.

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