Hot dogs etc

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I am in Copenhagen right now and the hot dogs you can buy here are worth a special mentioning.Only thinking of them makes me hungry.The crispy onions and pickled cucumbers make all the difference, but the buns and sausages are very good too.

Otherwise, a review on another Danish star, Noma, coming soon.

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  • I remember the Hot Dogs at Hotel Nimb as being extra tasty.

  • Even at airport they are delicious.
    P.S. I stayed in Nimb hotel too, its a little noisy because of Tivoli park,but the interior is exceptional.

  • Hello Luxeat..
    i was in town last days, we could have shared a meal.. too bad. Have you tried Herman (at Nimb ?)
    Hope you have a good time there and enjoyed Noma.

  • Great photo of the hot dog, Aiste! It looks really authentic. 🙂

  • Hi Laurent, i absolutely loved Noma, will post about it soon.I did stay at Nimb hotel,but didn’t go to their restaurant..
    Trine,its a picture from ;)Didn’t have time to transfer the images from my camera yet..

  • Yes, but you found a nice one 😉

  • Thanks 😉 I thought it perfectly represent Danish hot dog.

  • sam

    If you’re in Los Angeles some bacon wrapped hot dogs from the street carts are nice =)

  • sam

    If you’re ever in LA bacon wrapped hot dogs from the street carts are good. Especially at night

  • Is there something about hot dogs and Nordic countries? Some friends keep raving about the hot dogs from Ikea, apparently a classic served at the shop’s food boutique.

  • Thanks Sam 😉
    Alex, I think that there is something about sausages not only in Nordic countries but in German speaking countries as well. “Curry wurst” in Berlin, “weisswurst” in Munich or “bratwurst” in Zurich, don’t you think?

  • You’re right! Plenty of sausages in Germany! 🙂 But not really hot dogs, this hot dog culture in Denmark is intriguing me..
    BTW, I’ll get my dose of Weisswurst this weekend since I’m heading to Oktoberfest! Have a great day!

  • Enjoy Oktoberfest!

  • Alex, in CPH there is a hot dog stand on every corner – I’ll snap a photo of one of them and post is on my blog 😉