Sep 7, '23

Where Copenhagen Meets Korea in Culinary Artistry

The unforgettable evening at Koan in Copenhagen, a prestigious dining establishment boasting 2 Michelin stars, was a true culinary delight. Here, the exceptionally talented Danish chef, Kristian, who hails from Korea, skillfully weaves his cultural heritage into a tapestry of gastronomic wonder. With an innovative and distinctive approach, he takes traditional Korean culinary traditions on a thrilling journey, daringly exploring uncharted territory in the world of flavors and pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation. It’s an experience that captivates the senses, inviting guests to savor the harmonious marriage of two distinct culinary worlds.

Danish mackerel washed in rice vinegar and brushed with a paste of toasted nori and sesame. Served with slices of raw Norwegian scallops, cooked kombu, finger lime and wasabi.
Mandoo of fjord shrimps with a sauce made from mussels, caramelized onions and gochugaru.
Kimchi of kohlrabi with summer herbs and elderflower oil. Served in a cup where the Korean ceramist have travelled to China and found fragments that dates back to the Ming and Qing dynasty period (1300,1400,1500 and 1600) he then brought these pieces back to Seoul and gave the new life by putting new piece of porcelain on top of it. The art piece is called ” Reborn”.
Caviar and tofu- the tofu seasoned with pine nuts and served with Langoustine, mustard seeds, dried strawberries, goji berries.
Danish oyster with Norwegian king crab stewed in a champagne sauce with bakskuld and one of chef Kristian’s favourite seaweeds called Gamtae. It’s a seaweed that is very versatile and have small truffle notes.
Gamasot rice with black Australian truffles and corns, served with barbecued lobster with grilled lemon thyme and chives. Chef Kristian has chosen three different kinds of short grain rice. One for texture, one for aroma and one flavor. The rice is washed, rested and cooked together and served with grilled corn, toasted beechnuts, Icelandic seaweed Sol and topped with black truffles.
“Oolong tea and good memories” soufflé made from milky oolong tea together with Koan’s signature dessert from 2017 – roasted seaweed ice cream with hazelnut oil and caviar.
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