Feb 21, '24

l’Hôtel de Ville Crissier

Nestled near Lausanne, restaurant l’Hôtel de Ville Crissier, affectionately known as “Crissier,” has been defining the standard since achieving three Michelin stars under the helm of chef Frédy Girardet back in 1994. Founded in 1955 by Frédy’s parents, it upholds a tradition steeped in classic French cuisine but elevates it with a touch of gastronomic perfection, precise balance and impeccable presentation. The restaurant gained global acclaim during chef Philippe’s Rochat tenure, who restored its three Michelin stars in 1997, following a temporary loss. Today, under the guidance of Franck Giovannini, who worked closely with the previous chef Benoît Violier for years, and with his wife overseeing the front of the house, the legacy of culinary brilliance continues to thrive.

Jura pig’s trotters glazed with Porto and Madeira
Jura pig’s trotters glazed with Porto and Madeira
Scallops with caviar and spinach sprouts flavoured with Petite Arvine seed oil
Crêpe with cardoons from Crissier, truffles and old Madeira sauce
Croque-Monsieur of tender celery and leeks, reduction with black truffles and lard
Sweetbreads from the Three Lakes region, studded with truffles in the style of Périgueux
Mandarin and lime soufflé
Chef Franck Giovannini
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