Luxeat picture of the day: at Akrame






This is a genius dish. Runny egg, slowly cooked in low temperature, served with some chicken jus and roasted popcorn powder. Without any doubts, Akrame is one of the most interesting restaurants in Paris at the moment. (19 Rue Lauriston, 75016 Paris; tel. +33 1 40 67 11 16 )

  • Starfood Scout

    The egg and popcorn-dish is brilliant. I had a very good dinner at Akrame in May. Definitely a restaurant to watch.

    • luxeat

      Totally agree- this dish is one of a kind.

  • Michelle Dunner

    Very interesting. Jaan in Singapore also does a very good slow-cooked egg – courtesy of young gun French chef Julien Royer.

    • luxeat

      Didn’t have a chance to go to Jaan last I was in Singapore.. Hopefully, next time.