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10 unmissable street food spots in Mexico City

You haven’t truly been to Mexico City until you’ve experienced the street food. Here are ten essential and unmissable street food spots in CDMX.

Gorditas Zacazonapan
Freshly made gorditas (deep-fried pastry made of corn flour) with chicharron prensado (pressed pork).
Av. Revolución 749, Nonoalco, 03910 Ciudad de México, CDMX.

Tacos al Pastor
My absolutely favourite tacos al pastor, available only for 2-3 hours for lunch.
In front of Red Cross in Polanco, CDMX.

Las Costras del Bandasha
Flour tortilla with cheese that is melted until it gets hard with meat inside.
On the road of Bosque de Duraznos under the bridge in Bosques de las Lomas. Open only during the night from Thursday to Saturday from 10 pm to 5 am.

Tacos de guisado del Bosque de Tlalpán
All kind of different guisados (stews) eaten in a corn tortilla. The best is “costilla de puerco en chile morita”. (pork ribs in chile morita) and “chicharron prensado” (pressed pork).
In front of the forest of Tlalpán (where people go to run).

Tacos maribichi
The best is tacos with chicken Milanese, cheese, slowly cooked onions and fried potatoes.
On the corner of  Calle Anatole France and Avenida Presidente Masaryk. Open only at night.

Petit Roquefort
Grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.
Under the bridge of Palmas at the level of Presidente Masaryk and periferico.

Paraguayan style empanadas fried in a “motocycle truck”. The one with cheese and bacon is a must.
Mostly on Avenida Nuevo Leon in La Condesa, Mexico city. Just during the nights.

Los Especiales tacos de canasta centro historico
These tacos are premade, put in the basket and kept for the steam effect. With beans, potatoes and chicharron prensado. Mostly sold on bikes around the city.

La Güera Tortas de Chilaquiles
Fried corn tortillas (like nachos), green sauce, whipped cream, cheese and onion (In bolillo), Mexican bread with chicken Milanese.

Villamelon (Plaza de Toros)
Tacos Cecina (salted and air dried meat) with chicharron and chorizo.

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