Jun 14, '06

Berthillon Ice Cream


The Berthillon Ice Cream is probably as mythical as La Duree macaroons. And you don’t need to go far to make sure of that – any nice day or late evening there will be always people queuing outside one of the Berthillon resellers on the Île Saint-Louis. (The list of the resellers in the rest of Paris you can see on their website ).

What makes this ice cream so good is that only natural ingredients are used. So, if you eat strawberry flavour sorbet, it will taste as real strawberry but not as strawberry flavour chewing gum as it is often the case of the industrial ice cream :). In addition, there are dozens of original Berthillon ice cream and sorbet flavours, such as nougat with honey, salted caramel, mandarine or lemon with ginger.

Me last night

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