Jun 27, '07

Bouillabaisse in Tetou


More I eat in Tetou, more I am convinced that they serve the best bouillabaisse in the world. No other bouillabaisse restaurants on Cote D’Azur can compare to the bouillabaisse in this legendary restaurant on the beach of Golfe Juan. (owned by the same family since 1920s) Why you might ask? Well, the fish is prepared perfectly (no bones!), the soup is clear and full of flavour at the same time, and the rouille is so good, I could eat it with a spoon.

The restaurant is beloved by the Cannes festival crowd, so to get a reservation around that period is almost impossible. Last year we did get a reservation in Tetou during the Cannes festival and there were dozens of paparazzi waiting for their ” famous victims”. The good news is that the owners and the waiters don’t seem to care if you are a celebrity or not and they treat everybody equally well 🙂

Also, remember that they don’t accept credit cards and you will not find an ATM machine anywhere close, so don’t forget to withdraw cash.

Address : Avenue des Frères Roustan, Golfe-Juan ,06220; tel. 04 93 63 71 16

Images from the last night dinner…

salade Nicoise
The starter- “salade Nicoise”
The soup
The soup
Red mullet
Red mullet, john dory and lobster
Rockfish( my favorite for bouillabaisse), bream and crab

If you still have place for a dessert and you have to be a real grourmet to dare a dessert after bouillabaisse  – strawberry cake with whipped cream…

strawberry cake
Strawberry cake
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