May 8, '07

Cabaña Las Lilas, Buenos Aires

Cabaña las Lilas

It’s one day I am in Buenos Aires and I absolutely love it. It is not exactly how I imagined though – Buenos Aires is very European. Of course, I knew that it is the most European city in South America, but, still, I thought it will be something like Lima where I’ve been one year ago. In fact, Buenos Aires reminds me a lot of Barcelona or Madrid- and with its architecture, and people and culture.

There is one thing that is definitely different from the cities where I usually spend my time though. The seasons.  Its is deep autumn here in the southern hemisphere and in the evenings can be quite chilly. (Even though during the day time the sky is stunningly blue and the sun is shining.) I should have thought of that before packing my summer dresses, bathing suit and sandals 🙂

Speaking about the food, as a normal food blogger, I had to try something authentic from the very fist moment I arrived.  The food in Buenos Aires is highly influenced by European culture and has little in common with the South American cooking. But there is one thing that is very typical only to Argentina. The meat. So the first restaurant booking I did was for the lunch in Cabaña las Lilas, a “parrilla” (grill restaurant), at Puerto Madero docklands area. They say that its the best “parrilla” in the city, despite the fact that it is quite touristy. I did find it touristy, but at least half of the people having their Sunday lunch in  Cabaña las Lilas were the locals. A good sign.

The menu mainly consisted of meat dishes, like “Chorizo Bombon” (Traditional Argentine sausage), sweetbreads, all kind of steaks… There were also several fish dishes, but I was not there for the seafood, of course.
For my first starter, I simply had a green salad. The quality of the vegetables was astonishing.

Green salad
Green salad

Ribeye steak. For those, who love meat, Argentina is a real paradise. The steak was juicy and delicious. I can’t say that it’s very different from high quality grilled meat in European or American restaurants (its just meat finally), but you could feel an extraordinary quality. Also, it is much less fat than the traditional American steaks as the meat is only grilled.

Ribeye steak
Ribeye steak
Open kitchen
All kind of meat cuts are grilled in the open kitchen on your left of the entrance.
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