Comme chez soi, Bruxelles


"Sole fillets with a mousseline of Riesling and shrimps"

"George,in your restaurant one eats like at home" ,-  a guest once told to Georges Cuvelier, a former coal miner and the founder of one of the most famous Brussels restaurants -  Comme Chez Soi . Maybe the current chef, Lionel Rigolet is the fourth generation of the restaurant's dynasty, you  still eat like at home at Comme Chez Soi. The portions are generous and the classic as well as as the contemporary recipes are perfectly executed.


When Lionel's Rigolet father in law Pierre Wynant retired in 2006, Comme Chez Soi was downgraded from 3 Michelin stars to two. Nonetheless, i still think that Comme Chez Soi a must if you are in Brussels. The food is far from modern minimalism and i hope it remains like this.


"Mousse of ham from the Ardennes "Pierre Wynants" "


Some more of "Sole fillets with a mousseline of Riesling and shrimps" . I just love this dish lightness and simplicity.


"Orange crêpes with burnt sugar"



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