Aug 22, '07

Christophe Adam chez Fauchon – the new Pierre Herme


I guess that all the most genius French “chef pâtissiers” pass through the legendary Fauchon house before receiving their worldwide glory. Once there was Pierre Herme, now -its the turn of Christophe Adam.

And even if he has been working in Fauchon only for few years, this young pastry chef is probably used to the media attention already. It was Christophe Adam who created the sensational “club-cake” that I mentioned in my previous post. Not speaking about many other Christophe’s inventions introduced each season.

Yesterday I was so excited to see so many beautiful cakes, that I bought three at once.


“Maki de fruits” cake (the second from the left)- green lemon mousse, “compote” of mango, maple syrup biscuit…  One of the finest desserts I ate this year. Very light as well.

“Carrémenchoc” (you can see it behind the macarons tree in the first picture) – bitter chocolate biscuit, creamy praliné “à l’ancienne” and bitter chocolate, chocolate mousse “suspense”…  Even if it sounds very “chocolaty”, the chocolate taste was very sophisticated and you could clearly feel the praliné flavour. “Carrémenchoc” was decorated with small lemon taste marshmallows.

And, of course, I couldn’t resist the “club cake” – the mango layer has been replaced by lemon cake- also very good.

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