Oct 7, '08

Hanawa, Paris


For those who love sushis, Paris is not the best place to be. It’s not that there are no Japanese restaurants – there are, but most of them are so way behind their counterparts in NY or London that you can’t but notice the inferior quality of fish or the smaller fish and menu choices…

So I was quite excited to go Hanawa (26 rue Bayard, 75008, tel.: 01 56 62 70 71 ), the new restaurant by Kinugawa owners, steps away from avenue Montaigne.

I loved the fatty tuna and yellowtail sushis but at the same time it seemed that everyhting is the same as in Kinugawa restaurants. The only thing that changed is the “packaging”-Hanawa is located on three floors and maybe even aims to be similar to nobus, megus, and other “fashionable” Japanese. But the rest is the same. Anyway, despite the fact that the place is new and is huge, Hanawa was full, which shows that Paris really needs more good Japanese.

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