Mar 17, '07

Kai, Paris

As I’ve said in my Kinugawa post, Paris is not really famous for authentic sushi and Japanese restaurants. There is really a few…  Two Kinugawa locations, Isami, Benkay… That would be all… Moreover, they all are very old fashioned…  Not speaking about fusion Japanese restaurants like Nobu, which was closed few years ago before even getting known… ( It was in the 8th and it seems that it didn’t work.)


Kai (18, rue du Louvre, tel. 01 40 15 01 99) is like a breeze among the stagnating Parisian Japanese eateries. Creative Japanese cuisine, fresh fish, contemporary interior- a real “awakening”. I hope that there will be even more modern Japanese cooking in Paris at any time soon. Like this, I won’t need to go to New York that often 🙂 By the way, the desserts are made by Pierre Hermé. My weakness!

The pictures of the last night dinner.

Salmon sushi
“Salmon and yellowtail sushi” . Excellent. Salmon sushi was topped with nuts.
“Grilled eggplant , miso sauce”. Almost as good as in Nobu.
Assortment of sashimi
“Salmon with sesame sauce”
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