Le Meurice


Le Meurice (3*) 228 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris - 01 44 58 10 10

Chef: Yannick Alléno

Have I been there before? Yes 

Ambiance and service: Typical Parisian "hôtel palace" atmosphere,quite formal service.

Food? To be honest with you, not as good as when I was there two years ago. I have an impression that the restaurant made a choice to "play safe" rather than evolve.  But decide for yourself! The pictures are after the jump…


While waiting… Balik salmon amuse bouche…


Amuse – bouche… (what was it ? i don't remember anymore…)


Oyster sabayon with seaweed butter (warm oyster "cream", very good)


Prawns and sea urchin coral uncooked. Steamed turnip in a broth, shiso and delicate jelly with Yuzu  ( Interesting combination of all these Japanese inspired ingredients(uni,raw shrimps,shiso..), although i thought that the shrimp tempura (or rather shrimp legs tempura )was unnecessary and kind of disturbing to eat)


Duck foie gras iodized in sugar crust. Turnip chutney with vinegared seaweed. ( It was my most anticipated dish and the biggest disappointment. Ok, the theater of breaking the sugar crust was nice to watch, but the foie gras was too greasy and too "veiny". My theory is that as the foie gras was cooked in somehow closed environment, the grease that usually melts when traditionally pan frying foie gras, stayed inside. So the result of all this was a piece of very greasy liver with sweet jam on the side.)




Sea scallops with truffle steam and spinach. Champagne butter sauce. ( I think it was the best dish of all the menu.)


Thinly-sliced seabass with chopped parsley. Stuffed macaroni, clams prepared simply.(Good,classical but not worth  to travel "a special journey" and definitely not worth the price if you order it  outside the menu.. Ditto about the last dish..)


Preserved flank of veal in juice. Asparagus from France with olives and crunchy onions, parsley. 


Mont d'Or vacherin with Château- Chalon. Warm potato salad with shallots. (Potatoes with creamy cheese on the top. Maybe it would be  good, but after all these dishes, boiled  potatoes with cheese is just too much.I rather prefer the L'Astrance "cheese course" philosophy. )


"The little somethings" and baba au rhum before the dessert..


Poached aloe vera and chilled with pink grapefruit.Peppered soft fresh cheese and olive oil juice. ( I think this dessert was "higher" and finer than all the savory dishes. Seriously, pastry chefs work is underrated.)


Cocoa meringue shell with light chestnut mousse. Tender chocolate heart and Cognac jelly.


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