Dec 15, '06

Le Relais D’Auteuil by Patrick Pignol

Le Relais D'Auteuil

Patrick Pignol’s « Le Relais D’Auteuil (31 Boulevard Murat, 75016, tel 01 46 51 09 54) is a small place with “grande cuisine”. You can be sure to leave always happy when you dine in this 2 Michelin stars restaurant in the 16th. (Update February 2007. This year it has lost one Michelin star. But I am sure that next year it will get it back. It’s an excellent restaurant.)

As it’s not possible otherwise: Patick Pignol’s cooking is “classical reinvented” and self-indulgent. I am not a big meat eater, but the
“côte de boeuf” I had last night was excellent. There are several game dishes on the menu which, they say, are exceptional.
The ambience of the restaurant is serene and cosy thanks to
contemporary design, colourful statuettes and well-thought lighting.

Some interesting dishes. “around the oyster” and ” mango sorbet”.

Around the oyster
mango sorbet
Mango sorbet
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