Jul 6, '06

Les Crayeres, Reims. One star less.

Château les Crayeres is probably as famous as the place it is located – the Champagne region. For decades it’s chef Gerard Boyer maintained it’s class and, of course, the three Michelin stars quality. But what happens when the chef, the father of the legend retires? The restaurant loses its stars!

Les Crayeres, Reims

I’ve been there in winter one year ago and the château located  in the vast estate looks even more beautiful in summer. All the elegant decor rooms in the main building have wifi connection, which is quite rare in such remote places.

The dinner this time was very disappointing though compared to the dinner we had one year ago. ( Last year we had ” all truffle menu” which
was marvellous.) It seems, that Les Crayeres cusine is going downhill and I even doubt if the food is still worth two Michelin stars.

The only dish I liked was kind of  Russian salad  with ham starter
(the classical mayonnaise sauce was replaced by truffle sauce) which
was quite original as you can’t see a lot of  Russian specialities in
the French gastronomic restaurants. My main dish, sea bass with almonds
was very dry and one of the most boring fish dishes I ever ate in a
gastronomic restaurant.

Les Crayeres, Reims

The only dish that was worth the precious Michelin stars was the champagne! 🙂

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