Lunch at the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant


My lunch at Tim Ho Wan ( 8 Kwong Wa street,Mong Kok, Kowloon,Hong Kong) was 44 Hong Kong dollars, the return trip from the Central Hong Kong – more than 200 HKD.(1 euro is 10.8 HKD today).Of course, I could have  used the public transportation, but i thought hours of waiting at this one Michelin starred dim sum canteen would be painful enough.


Roughly 4 euros for a meal at an internationally recognized restaurant is surely a good deal, but first you need to get  a queue number and an order form from the not very nice lady organizing the seatings, then  you need to wait, sometimes 3 hours they say.


I was lucky, i had to wait for only one hour- arrived at 12 pm, was seated by 1 pm. As i was alone, i had to share my tiny table with another person. You don't even choose  your lunch companions here. You do have a wide choice of dim sum on the other hand- i had steamed fresh shrimp dumplings (18 HKD), steamed catfish and celery with turnip dumplings ( 12 HKD) and baked buns with BBQ pork( 12 HKD).


My favorite were the latter – the buns were so freshly baked, they were almost falling apart and you could also feel cinnamon inside.

To be honest, i didn't find the shrimp and fish dumplings  that spectacular though.  They were tasty, perfect dumplings i guess, but nothing to remember. Having said that, i do think that Tim Ho Wan is a very good dim sum place. Is it worth the long wait?Depends on your patience.

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