Dec 14, '07

Macarons with black truffles by Pierre Hermé


Last holiday season, Pierre Hermé invented macarons with foie gras. This year the pastry king presents two new macarons – with black truffles and with 25-year-old balsamic vinegar of Modena. What is most surprising though is the price of these small treasures. Each macaron (small size) costs 8 €. I had a chance to try the one with black truffles and was not impressed. You could not feel that striking smell and flavour the black truffles usually have. Very delicate taste of black truffle for not so delicate price…


By the way, if you have big intentions for splashing your money this holiday season, Pierre Hermé offers Bûche à la Truffe Noire for a price of 245 €. If you do buy this bûche, please tell me how it was 🙂

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