Jun 12, '06

Mon Vieil Ami, Paris

Mon Vieil Ami ( 69 Rue St-Louis-en-L’lle, 75004) is the Parisian “spin-off” of the starred Alsace chef Antoine Westermann. We went there on last night as we wanted to change and try some new restaurant in Paris (we always go to the same restaurants finally!) and since long time ago I want to go to “Le Buerehiesel” in Strasbourg. But the curiosity was followed by the disappointment.

Mon Vieil Ami, Paris

Probably because of its super touristic location, there were mainly tourists in the restaurant. (Not a good sign if there are no locals!). Consequently, the service was very bad. Some of the waiters had an incredibly bad attitude.

Speaking about the food, the idea is interesting (the main ingredient
in the dishes is vegetables), but there were too much vegetable for
both, the appetizer and the entree.

This is what happens when the chef just wants to capitalize on his
name creates the concept and the menu and then leaves it to the
incompetent people….

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