Nedalny Vostok,Moscow


My last dinner in Moscow was by far the best from all the trip. Nedalny Vostok (Tverskoy Bulvar 15 , tel. 694-0641) ,that means "Not Far East" , opened its doors only few months ago and it is already the hottest place among the Russian "elite". You won’t find it nor in Zagat Moscow guide, neither in any other. (I have a  subscribtion to the online Zagat edition and for the moment they have listed only 12 Moscow restaurants.)

Nedalny Vostok  is another "brainchild" of Arkady Novikov who  is
behind  (owner?) most of the top restaurants in Moscow . The ambiance
and design is amazing – you almost feel in New York or Los Angeles.
There is even a DJ in the lounge joined to the restaurant.


Seafood with Asian influence is the speciality and you won’t miss it
.As soon as you enter, there is a huge open kitchen where the fish is
seared,sizzled, chopped,grilled – however you like it.


"New warm Australian lobster and tomato salad"


"Crab tartar"


"Black cod" As good as in Nobu, but less sweet, what is also nice..


"Mont- blanc"dessert. It tastes as good as it looks!

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