Petermann’s Kunststuben, Zurich


2 Michelin macarons Petermann’s Kunststuben (ten- fifteen minutes drive from  Zurich) is one of those restaurants where you know that you
will always have a pleasant dinner with delicious food and cosy
surroundings. The beauty in the plates and the talent of the chef makes you want to come back before even leaving the restaurant. I won’t be too daring to say that Petermann’s Kunststuben is one of my favorite restaurants in Europe.

“Foie gras cigar with black truffles in Sauternes jelly” . Classical foie gras with black truffles reinvented. The quality of foie gras was extraordinary.


“Thick piece of bar, poached with smoked oil,cassoulet of green beans,black juice”


“Beef filet sautéed with shallots confit and Perigord truffles”


Petit fours

You can see more of Petermann’s beautiful dishes here

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