Mar 3, '19

The best pintxos in San Sebastian

Cheesecake at La Viña, San Sebastian

22 MUST GO SAN SEBASTIAN PINTXOS BARS  (with specialities you can have at each of them).

Thank you Gabriella Ranelli (On Instagram – @tenedortours), undoubtedly one of the leading San Sebastian experts for her kind collaboration creating this list. Originally from New York, Gabriella has been living in San Sebastian for 30 years and knows Spain’s most gastronomic city better than anyone else. She does fabulous culinary tours you can read more about here – Tenedor Tours.

Casa Urola Artichoke with praline and papada.

Bar Ganbara Wild mushrooms.

Txepetxa Anchovies with pepper vinaigrette.

Altuna Boutique Bar – Smoked tuna with ham and orange confit.

Borda Berri Pork rib (kebab).

Martinez Tuna stuffed pepper.

Bar Antonio Spicy pepper and anchovy canapé.

Bar Bergara Scrambled eggs with anchovies and peppers.

Narru Grilled Iberian pork with potato and apple puree.

Gatxupa Ham croquette, pork belly and lemon.

La Cuchara de San Telmo suckling pig, beef cheeks and fried foie gras.

Bar Gorriti Omelette sandwich with ham.

Matalauva Fava beans with iberian pork and egg vinaigrette.

Zazpi Creamy Ox tail stew ravioli or the green rice.

Bar Iturrioz Smoked sardine.

Bokado San Telmo Casi Bravas (Crispy potatoes filled with a slightly spicy tomato sauce and aioli).

La Viña cheesecake (reopening in April).

Bodega Donostiarra – tuna,anchovy and guindilla pepper.

Paco Bueno fried prawn.

Ezkurra Russian salad.

Bidea Berri – hand carved ham,whole roasted piquillos.

Atari Gastroteka foie gras with sweetcorn and white chocolate.

A Fuego Negro – innovative tapas: mini burgers, tempura bucket.

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