Sep 11, '20

Provençal lunch (recipes)

Soupe au pistou

Soupe au pistou, traditional warm Provençal soup, usually eaten in summer as it requires three kinds of fresh beans as well as other local vegetables best at their prime.

Red, coco and flat beans are cooked with zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, basil leaves as well as raw and cooked (“talon”) ham for two hours; served with pistou sauce made of Mimolette and parmesan cheeses, blended with a copious amount of large basil leaves; eaten with more cheese, potatoes and little pasta. (Which be served apart..)
Perfect summer dish full of Provençal flavours.


Traditional Provençal dish that shouldn’t be hurried, ratatouille takes time to make, but the result can be very rewarding. Its secret is to dice the vegetables in very small pieces and respect the order of cooking them. First finely chopped garlic and onion with pepper and peeled tomatoes; then, in a separate pan – well-caramelized zucchini and eggplants… All slowly cooked (confit) in olive oil… Truly wonderful when from the best vegetables one can get. 

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