Oct 7, '14

Sushi Okuda

To paraphrase the old saying, if the sea won’t come to a Japanese sushi chef, the sushi chef will go to the sea. This is certainly true in the case of 3 Michelin starred chef from Tokyo Toru Okuda, who just opened an intimate, “Edo-mae” style sushi- ya next to his kaiseki place in the 8th arrondissement in Paris. Finding sushi quality fish and seafood is a known challenge in Europe, so the Okuda restaurants management is going to bring live fish from Bretagne and open a fishmonger’s shop. The fish will be also available to buy for the general public.


Sushi Okuda is the third high-end sushi shop, that opened over the last two years in Paris, and is probably the closest to Tokyo standards from all the three. I forgot where the sushi chef used to work in Tokyo, but his ability to make perfect rice (quite al dente, well-balanced vinegar) could easily compare to rice served at top sushi shops in Tokyo. Two vinegars are used, white for the lean fish and red for the fatty fish. Speaking of the fish, the squid and the sea bass were exceptional. The rest – less so, but still very enjoyable.
Sushi Okuda: 18 rue Boccador , 75008, Paris; tel. +33 1 47 20 17 18 ( Omakase only. 95 euros for lunch and 155 euros for dinner)

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