Feb 16, '08

Tapaç 24

Tapaç 24

Is it the place where Joel Robuchon got inspired? Just kidding! Tapaç 24 (Disputacio 269, tel. 93-488-0977, Barcelona) opened much later than Robuchon’s L’Ateliers in NY and Paris. And it might be opposite, as Tapaç 24 was opened in 2006 by a Spanish “star chef” Carles Abellan.

When I entered this crowded tiny place, I did feel like in Robuchon’s
L’Atelier in Paris (somehow the only “tapas bar” I’ve ever known), plus much more people, lots of smoke of cigarettes and everybody spoke in Spanish. Most of the clients were Spanish despite its central location which usually tends to be very touristy. It is always a good sign. And the food was very authentic. Real Spanish tapas with a slight touch of creativity. Mainly tapas, but also mini paellas with langoustines or eggs dishes…

Tapaç 24

I don’t speak Spanish and there was no menu in English, so in the beginning, I was a little lost and even was planning to take everything on the tapas menu! It’s good though that I asked the waiter at the bar to choose for me. Jamon was obligatory, but I also wanted something typical of the place.

Small paella with langoustines

So he offered me the hot panini style tapas with ham, cheese and black truffles, then the small paella with langoustines and then, to finish, a tapas size plate of jamon Iberico… Excellent paninis, divine Bellota ham and “correct” paella. For the dessert, I had this very creamy and very fat, but very delicious millefeuille, which perfectly finished my Spanish siesta…

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