Sep 25, '06

The Divine Macaroons


Pierre Herme macaroons would definitely be on the top of “must eat before you die” list if such list existed.  These pieces of art are as light as snowflakes, melting in your mouth and have the most innovative and amazing flavours.  Apart of their classical flavours macaroons such as  “salted butter caramel”, “passion fruit and chocolate” or, my favourite,” rose”, they also have  “signature macaroons”, such as “olive oil and vanilla” (another my favourite), “white truffle and hazel nut” or “chestnut and Matcha green tea”.

By the way, this season Pierre Herme again proves his ingenuity.
According to his  September 2006 – March 2007 catalogue  (These people
have one of the most original and cool marketing for their cakes I have
ever seen.), from 10 December to 7 January, “chocolate and foie grass ” and
“eglantine, fig and foie gras” macaroons will be available in their Paris stores.  The chefs do like to marry foie gras with sweet textures as jams, but nobody has ever done a foie gras filling for a macaron! I am wondering though, will it be a dessert or ….  a starter?

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