Epicure (Le Bristol)



I've already posted about this restaurant a few times, so I won't review it again, but for me Epicure (formely Le Bristol) represents a 3 Michelin stars restaurant how it should be. Everything, from the palatial surroundings, delicious food to the impeccable and smart service was a perfection.

Images after the jump


Amuse -bouches ( Apple and foie gras "mousse" in the second image)



The famous parmesan crusted  macaronis  stuffed with black truffles and foie gras



The pot-au-feu. Bone marrow with celery purée croutons and black truffle


Oxtail, foie gras,truffles and pot-au-feu vegetables  millefeuille


Pot-au-feu and shiitake mushrooms broth



Lemon from Menton,frosted up with limoncello,pear and thyme flavors



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  • Marc

    Oh non!
    Pas le Bristol,pas Frechon!So snob!
    Toutain yes(Agapé Substance),Frechon no!
    If you want to spend money you should visit Gagnaire or Bras.
    Do you know Michel Bras?

  • Hi Marc, i really liked Agapé Substance! I have never been to Michel Bras though..

  • Marc

    Then you are very lucky,because when you will discover his restaurant(i hope you will),his cooking,it will be a very exciting experience.
    The problem is to find the place…
    An opportunity to explore the french countryside,l’Aubrac.
    Thanks for your blog.

  • Thanks,Marc! I hope I will get there one day 😉