Le Pré Catelan


The signature bone marrow dish

Le Pré Catelan is one of my favorite 3 Michelin starred restaurant in Paris. Located in Bois de Boulogne,it  is just ten minutes drive from the city (16th arrondissement is the closest).  The restaurant is housed in a Napoleon III style pavillion, it's opulent interior was renovated few years ago. Le Pré Catelan's chef is the very talented Frédéric Anton who used to work at Joel Robuchon's restaurants. You can really feel Robuchon's influence in Frédéric Anton's cooking -  he creates dishes that are not only delicious but also beautiful to look at.


Onion royale (custard) and green peas cream. The onion and peas flavors were very distinctive.  



Foie gras prepared in three ways: foie gras cream  with black truffle; pan fried foie gras with porto and lentils; foie gras terrine .



Bone marrow  prepared in two ways – grilled;  stuffed with simmered green peas and chanterelles. Everything was served with roast juices. The bone marow was perfect with  warm bread toasts, fresh pepper and sea salt.



Scampi (langoustine)  in three ways: ravioli served with olive oil and "pepper and mint" broth foam,  soy glazed scampi with avocado, fried scampi rolls with roasted peanuts and lettuce juice.





The famous Apple dessert. Sugar sphere filled up with apple cider mousse, Carambar candy ice cream, speculos and sparkling sugar. Ingenious





Petit fours


The state of the art kitchen



The interior created by Pierre-Yves Rochon



The building




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  • David

    Everything about this meal seems perfect. MUST VISIT!

  • Couldn’t agree with you more, David!

  • stefan

    What kind of price tag? Value for money in 3 star category?
    Thanks for an interesting blog.

  • Thanks, Stefan! Actually, they have a good lunch menu price at 85 euros which i think is one of the cheapest lunch at 3 Michelin stars restaurant in Paris. Dinner is more expensive though. You can see the prices here http://www.restaurant-precatelan.com/

  • will-smith-but-not-that-guy

    I love how the cuisine at Pre Catelan perfectly matches not just the radiant white decor, but makes you feel as if every dish actually GREW on a bush or a flower stem in the Bois du Boulogne. Gorgeous posting, thanks as ever!

  • Exactly! Thanks, Will

  • Rukawa

    Is this menu presented the lunch menu?

  • Yes, all the dishes, except of the bone marrow. And i asked to change my dessert from “Pear” to “Apple” ..

  • It is a great lasting regret that I never made it here while I lived in Paris, but I was always a little wary because I feared that it was more about the building and the location than the food. Seems I was very, very wrong!

  • WOW!
    The lunch menu is a deal! simply gorgeous food and worth it.
    merci carolg