Pierre Gagnaire

When someone asked Pierre Gagnaire what was the style of his cooking, he simply answered that he doesn’t have any style and that for him the most important is how his dishes taste and bringing joy to his guests.  I think nowadays so many chefs are focusing on style (“Scandinavian”, “local”, you name it) that they often forget about the taste. And, I must say, the Pierre Gagnaire’s creations are not only tasty and different from contemporary trends, but also very beautiful…

 Pierre Gagnaire 6 Rue Balzac, 75008, Paris; tel. 01 58 36 12 50 

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  • alfred

    gagnaire has such soul in his cooking.

  • Bambi

    Can you post all the photos of the dining? I am really curious..

    • Luxeat

      Don’t have any pictures of the dining room as i was at the “chef’s table” in the kitchen…

      • Bambi

        Is there any difference of plating between dining room and chef’s table? It looks soooo beautiful in the picture! I want to dine at the chef’s table, too..

        • luxeat

          The reason why I had this chance to sit at the chef’s table was that I was filming for a foodies documentary, so can’t tell if I were able to reserve this table if I called myself.. But saw the plates being sent to the dining room and can confirm that they are as beautiful as in the pictures 😉