My 20 Best Dishes in 2019

My annual list of  20 best dishes of the year… See the previous years below.

Akami zuke at Sushi Saito,Tokyo
Sardine roll at Sushi Sugita, Tokyo
Sea urchin and shiso leave tempura at Motoyoshi, Tokyo
Sea urchin and dashi appetizer at Kurosaki sushi, Tokyo
Ankimo nigiri with pickled baby watermelon on aka shari at Takumi Shingo, Tokyo
Very thin pepperoni pizza at La Specialità, Milan
Tortellini alla crema di latte at Osteria del Mirasole,San Giovanni in Persiceto
Chocolate mousse at L”Auberge de la Môle, La Môle
Caesar’s mushroom tartelette with 36 month old Grana Padano at Mirazur, Menton
Flash fried lobster at D’ Berto, O’Grove
Fabada Asturiana at Casa Gerardo, Prendes
Rey fish at Güeyu Mar, Ribadesella
“Tomato” at Quique Dacosta, Denia
Very special cooking by Erez Komarovsky at his house in the Upper Galilee, Israel
Grilled horse mussel on butter toasted bread by Koks chef Poul Andrias Ziska, The Faroe islands
Hanwoo beef experience at Cote, New York
Scottish langoustine à la nage at The Ritz, London
Foie gras “pot au feu” at Alliance, Paris
Spaghetti with cèpes,jambon blanc and white truffles at Le Cinq, Paris
Soupe aux truffes VGE, Paul Bocuse, Lyon
Saumon à l’oseille at Troisgros,Ouches

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