Dec 29, '06


The two stars Apicius is one of those gastronomic restaurants that made me fall in love with the art of “haute cuisine”. First time I dined there was for my birthday party a long time ago, when the restaurant was still located on avenue de Villiers in the 17th. I didn’t appreciate the gastronomic food as much as I do now, but I remember being very impressed by the decadence of the “Tout caramel” dessert.

My taste has changed and got a little more sophisticated since then so has Jean-Pierre Vigato’s  Apicius, which is now located in a palace with a huge court (the property belongs to Luc Besson), steps from rue du Faubourg St Honoré.

When you enter the magnificent townhouse, you enter the world of Jean-Pierre Vigato who is always there, always chatting with his guests or even takes orders as he did with us this time. ( I must confess, we are frequent Apicius guests.) Like other big chefs, Vigato is an artist with varying inspirations every day.

Such creations as “Compote de cèpes et sabayon à la truffe blanche d’Alba”, “Foie gras de canard aux radis noirs confits” are specialities, so as the endless variations around oysters which are simply heavenly for those who love the iodic aspect.

Oysters with sour cream, lemon and watercress
Gelée of oysters crayfish and scallops. Extraordinary creation with strong iodic taste.
Hachis Parmentier with black truffles
Hachis Parmentier with black truffles
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