The China Club


"Ah, that foreigners' place", – was my Hong Kongese friend's reaction when I told her I booked at the China Club for our dinner. Even if this private restaurant/club has a very exclusive reputation, you don't feel very much exclusive when you are at the place. If you are staying at a nice hotel, you can ask your concierge to call and reserve for you. Maybe that's why the restaurant was packed with expats and visitors like me that night. (and I guess it is similar every night).


With it's nightly acrobatic tea pouring and "magic noodle" shows- the China Club is kind of  Disneyland for foreigners living or staying in Hong Kong. Having said that, I liked the place . There is a certain party vibe you don't find at other Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong and i think the food is great. Steamed coral leopard trout and crispy barbecued pork were particularly good.


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