Jul 31, '23

Culinary excellence at Tantris Maison Culinaire 

Culinary excellence at 2 Michelin starred Tantris Maison Culinaire in Munich, a family business that’s been shaping German gastronomy scene since 1971.

The listed, iconic Bauhaus building, owned by the power couple Sabine and Felix Eichbauer, has recently undergone renovations while preserving its original style both inside and out. Upon passing the mythical stone dragons at the entrance and entering the building, you truly feel transported back to the 70s. The bright orange lamps are original, while the red glass artwork at the entrance, depicting an interior scene is new. It was created by the legendary glass and mosaic manufacturer Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalt. (Owned by the same family since 1870.)

Since its reopening, Tantris has embraced a distinct French direction, reflecting not only in its culinary offerings but also in its extensive wine collection. The passionate owners, who also happen to own a vineyard in Tuscany Salicutti, have shifted their focus primarily to French and European wines, leveraging their direct relationships with the producers.

The kitchen is helmed by Ben Chmura , a young German chef, and Maxime Rebmann, a French pastry chef, both of whom have worked in esteemed French establishments like Maison Troisgros.

Some of the highlights of the menu were…

Red mullet
Beautiful red mullet “petit bateau” in the first picture with pimento sauce, pockled cherry tomato, zucchini flower and eggplant.
Entrance to the restaurant
Thinly julienned cucumber, tuna tartare and verbena dish wish was enhanced with a Fir bud vinegar and green anis seeds
Chef Beniamin’s version of caponata- bell peppers, barberries and parmesan.
Salmon trout
Stellar pressed salmon trout from Nikki Birmbaum dish, confit in oil on low temperature then pressed together with parsley, nori and brioche. It was served with a sauce Normande with smoked pike eggs and Daurenki caviar from Petrossian.
Beef grilled on the bbq, served with pomme souffle and a classical sauce grand veneur.
Strawberry with ice cream
“Mieze Schindler” strawberry (garden strawberry with a raspberry-like appearance that tastes something in between) with ice cream and double cream.

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