Jul 22, '06

Joel Robuchon, Monte-Carlo

Last night dinner in Joel Robuchon Monte-Carlo in hotel Metropole (which was redesigned by Jacques Garcia not long time ago) was superb.

Joel Robuchon (which is gradually becoming a gastronomic and very upscale chain) is known for serving tapas-style plates. He used to run a 3 Michelin stars restaurant in Paris, but one day he stopped and went for a more “democratized” restaurants business. As I know, he has 2 restaurants in Paris, Tokyo, Las Vegas and should soon open one in New York.

I took three tapas size dishes which were “le tourteau” (avocado
with green apple and “galette” of paprika); then shrimp with”vermicelli
d’herbes au Jasmin” (I don’t know how to translate!!!:)) , and, finally smoked salmon. All were delicious, but I wish Mr Robuchon would vary the menus in his different restaurants.

For me, Joel Robuchon cooking represents the modern cuisine which is inventive, unexpected. I just hope that his restaurants’ quality will not suffer as it is hard to control restaurants all around the world!

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