Dec 8, '15

Kaiseki in the sky at Tenkun Ryugin

Kaiseki in the sky at Tenkun Ryugin

Tenkun Ryugin is the spin-off of the famous 3 Michelin starred Ryugin in Tokyo (read about it here). Usually I don’t expect much from restaurant branches (especially when the main chef is not even there), but Ryugin Hong Kong was as phenomenal as the original restaurant. Plus, the view from the 101st floor of ICC building is impossible to beat. Ryugin serves modern kaiseki style of cooking.

Tenkun Ryugin

101/F, ICC, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel. +852 2972 2666

Kaiseki with a view: Ryugin on the 101st ICC floor.
Kaiseki with a view: Ryugin on the 101st ICC floor.
Sake cups
Cold noodles topped with white shrimp,caviar,abalone and abalone liver sauce
Foie gras flavoured with porto and wasanbon sugar,served with fresh figs and sesame cream sauce
Kinmedai( splendid alfonsino), matsutake and eggplant in dashi stock
Assortment of sashimi
Charcoal grilled Amadai, brushed with Miso-yuan sauce
Cold kegani crab, egg custard with grated fresh apple vinegar
Wagyu beef shabu shabu,lotus root cake and onion ponzu sauce
Steamed rice with ikura (salmon roe), miso soup, pickles
-196 Celsius degrees peach candy
+99 Celsius degrees peach jam
Melon and sake kasu
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